Why I called my blog ‘The Red Log’.


By Jarred Parsons

When I first decided to start a blog I found myself confronted with a very difficult decision. What on earth should I call it?

A name is significant. It speaks volumes about purpose, identity and personality. The right name can generate interest and curiosity and connect the reader with the author of the blog.

Knowing a name represents so much, I wanted to choose a name that has meaning and purpose and a little bit of creativity. At the same time I didn’t want to pigeon hole the identity of my blog. I’m not sure where my blogging journey is going to take me and there are so many topics I can write about. I’ve got a whole range of thoughts on a whole range of subjects I’d like to explore.

After putting my thinking cap on I put my first idea into WordPress only to discover the name wasn’t available. I tried a second, third, fourth and fifth name. All taken. I began to wonder if all my great ideas had already been thought up by someone else. As I started putting in ridiculous names, even they were taken. I was beginning to think I would need to make up a word like Kodak when I finally stumbled upon a name that was available… The Red Log.

I paused. Is this really what I want to call my blog? If a name is so important it’s got to be right and this name was a desperate random thought while trying to find a name that hasn’t already been used in WordPress. I wanted to be sure I could live with this name longer term and more importantly that it was a name that represented not only who I am but also what I’m hoping to write about.

As I started to ponder the name ‘The Red Log’ I began to discover that my random frustrated thought actually had a little more depth than I’d initially realised.

At first the idea behind The Red Log was a simply variation of “read my blog”. I dropped the ‘a’ from read to create my favourite colour red and not wanting to use the word blog in my title I dropped the ‘b’ from blog to form the word log. It was a fleeting thought with no real purpose or depth behind it or so I thought.

I began to explore what ‘The Red Log’ could possibly represent and explored the idea that it was a variation of ‘the read blog’ meaning the blog is being read. The word ‘log’ was of particular interest to me. One of its meanings is a collection or record of events. In a way a blog is like a diary or a log of your life. While many blogs are about topics or subjects, my blog will definitely include some documentation of events in my life just like a log book.

My pondering continued in a more visual direction. What is a red log? Is there even such a thing as a red log? I wondered if there were trees somewhere in the world with red stumps. Then it dawned on me. Almost every grey led pencil I have ever owned was red and made of wood… a red log of sorts.

In days gone by a writers most important creative tool was his pencil. A pencil is the instrument that takes the ideas, thoughts and creative expression from the artists mind and translates them into a format that can communicate, inspire, challenge and entertain people. The pencil represents the birthing of ideas into a tangible form of communication – just like a blog.


All my thoughts up to this point were relevant and good but the picture that popped into my head next was by far the most significant in terms of purpose, meaning and what it represents to me the author.

In my mind I saw a picture of a roughly textured and very chunky piece of wood. As the eyes of my mind scanned over it I saw it was attached to another similar piece of wood. Then I began to see what looked like red paint beginning to dribble over the wood. It was the crucifix of Jesus Christ slowly beginning to be covered in His blood.

The most significant event in history and the most significant person from that event who also happens to be the cornerstone of my faith is symbolically recognised across the world by the red logs. That was the moment I knew I had the right name for my blog.

My faith in Jesus was an unexpected turn in my life journey but He is now by far the most significant part of me and all I do. My view of the world turned completely upside down when I first encountered God and that will show as some of my blogs unfold. I can only hope my blog is a worthy reflection of Jesus Christ and representative of His salvation, hope, love and compassion.

It’s nearly impossible to find a name on WordPress but thankfully I found The Red Log. Hopefully The Red Log will stand the test of time and its multiple meanings will serve me and my blog well.


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