In November 2016 my wife went overseas for a few weeks. While she was away I had some fun with our two kids on Facebook and hence #bachelordad was born.

Day One: 

Bachelor Dad for next two weeks… Whats for breakfast kids? M&Ms with chocolate topping… cereal done, Coke… and a heathy serve of cheezels to make sure we have dairy requirements covered. I don’t know what all those mums are complaining about… this parenting thing is easy as!

Day Two: 

Well that’s breakfast done…

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people eating, food and indoor

Second post:  The kids fed the dog Escargot… Gourmet and thrifty. These kids are smart thinkers.

Day Three: 

Drinks before bed… no worries

Image may contain: one or more people, people sitting and drink

Day Four: 

Dinner is served… Eat up kids

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people eating, people sitting, food and indoor

In case you missed it… That’s two chocolate muffins, ANZAC buscuits (or cookies for our American readers), marshmallows and green and yellow M&Ms.

Second post: The kids left Nan Nan a little surprise gift in her bed.

Image may contain: indoor

Day Five: 

A double black espresso should warm the kids up before bed.

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people sitting and indoor

Day Six: 

Wow… who knew Slurpees were so much cheaper than water. #bargain #winning

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, drink and indoor

Day Seven: 

Veggies… check.

Image may contain: 3 people

Day Eight: 

Ponytails sorted the easy way…

Image may contain: one or more people and close-up

Day Nine: 

Ssssslithering sssssnakes should help the kids sssssssleeep sssssssoundly.

Image may contain: 2 people, child and close-up

Day Ten: 

No toothpaste? No worries… just use Nutella kids… and don’t forget to rinse with coke. We Can’t have any Nutella left on your teeth before bed

Image may contain: 2 people, indoor

Day Eleven: 

The best thing about a sugar coma is the peace and quiet. #winning

Image may contain: 2 people

So my wife finally comes home from her trip and this is how she responds… 

Family detox #MumIsHome #FunPolice #Vitamins #PartyTimeOver #StopEncouragingTheMan #AllABitOfFun

Image may contain: food and indoor

Of course my wife knows me well… she also came back with goodies…

Hmmm… I don’t remember detox involving chocolate.  #wivesarethebest #mmmmpreztels

Image may contain: food

But of course the fun didn’t stop there…

The kids have got some work ahead of them once they get home. Let the fun begin #familytradition #bachelordad lives on

Image may contain: food

And the Grand Finale… 

Our youngest blabbed a day early… So we had to open my wife’s Christmas present tonight… My wife is now the proud owner of the very first 2017 #bachelordad calendar      

Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, indoor

In case you’re wondering… yes we are still happily married and my kids still have all their teeth.

Stay tuned – there’s more #bachelordad inspiration for Dads all over the world coming soon.


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